Thursday, October 1, 2009

Campaign Map to Wargames Table

Example of table at start of game defenders deployed on blinds

Map Movement leading to Battle

The wargames table is 6x6 foot, and consists nine 2x2 foot scenic squares. The squares are the same as the squares on the campaign map and are numbered for ease of putting together

For an encounter battle, where both sides are moving towards each other, the campaign objective will always be the centre of the table.

For a defensive battle, where one side is in defence, the objective will be in the centre on the defenders side of the table.

I will give you an example which should explain it better.

Player A commands 1 Prussian corps. He has orders from the Prussian CinC “hold Seehausen” He is currently in E5.

Player B commands 4 French corps. He has orders from the French CinC “move to Seehausen and occupy it” He is currently in B5

Player A writes orders “1 Prussian corps hold E5”.

Player B writes orders “4 French corps move to C5”

The French are about to enter a square two squares from one occupied by the Prussians, and the Prussians have not opted to retreat. So a battle is declared and the wargame set up.

Setting up Wargame

The table will consist of squares

C4, D4, E4 at the top.

C5, D5, E5 in the centre.

C6, D6, E6 at the bottom.

1 Prussian corps will be deployed in square E5. It will start the wargame on Hold orders. Player A can give us instructions about how he wants to deploy his corps, or he can leave it up to us.

4 French corps will enter the table along the road in D5. Player B can give us orders of march, or orders for how he wants to deploy for battle. If he does neither the order of march will be cavalry brigade, 13 infantry brigade, corps artillery, 14 infantry brigade, 15 infantry brigade and 16 infantry brigade.

Playing the Wargame

Campaign movement will be on hold until the wargame is completed.

Jan and I will fight the wargame, and I will post updates, with photographs, on the blog.

Each campaign day is 12 wargame moves. We have found from experience that this is enough time to bring most games to a conclusion, providing there is not too much fancy movement going on.

We would hope to be able to complete the game within one week.

At the end of the wargame the side which has won will remain stationary the following campaign day to rest and recover. The side which has lost will retreat one square the next day.

The battle report will be completed and posted on the blog

Campaign movement will continue.

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