Monday, October 5, 2009

Campaign Report - Move 1

Campaign map at start of move 2 - 1200 1 May 1813


Move 1 – 0800 1 May 1813

Prussian and French armies reach their concentration areas

Move 2 – 1200 1 May 1813

The Prussian Army nears the river Saale, and 3 corps secure the bridge at Dessau.

The French Army have reached their concentration areas around Helmstedt.


I received the French strategic orders just after I posted the last notice. The campaign has now officially commenced.

All corps commanders should now have received their strategic orders from their CinC. If anyone has not done so please email me immediately and I will send you a copy.

CinC and corps commanders should now submit their movement orders for 2 May 1813. This should be done by email to me, copy to your CinC. I will be receiving 10 of these each day, and keeping them for a few days in case there are any errors. So can you please send them as follows:

Subject : PBEM 1 French corps 2 May 1813

Text: 1 French corps move from A1 to A2

Each day you should send orders for one day only. Each HQ and corps can move one square each day. If two corps, or a HQ and a corps, move into the same square I will dice and the loser will remain stationary that day.

CinC need to keep an eye on their corps to ensure that they have the correct orders. At present they are on "Move" orders.. This is fine for now, but they are not allowed to move within three squares of any enemy. If they attempt to, I will change their orders to "Halt". This means that they will retire away from any approaching enemy to maintain the three square distance.

If anyone has any questions or is not sure what to do drop me an email.

Good luck

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