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campaign report - move 8

Campaign map at start of move 9 1600 3 May 1813


Move 1 – 0800-1200 1 May 1813
Prussian and French armies reach their concentration areas

Move 2 – 1200-1600 1 May 1813
The Prussian Army nears the river Saale, and 3 corps secure the bridge at Dessau.
The French Army have reached their concentration areas around Helmstedt.

Move 3 – 1600-2000 1 May 1813
3 Prussian corps crossed the river Saale and entered Dessau.
4 and 13 French corps both try to pass through Wolfsburg, causing a traffic jam and a delay of 24 hours to 13 corps.

Move 4 – 0800-1200 2 May 1813
The Prussians have now crossed the river Saale at Parey in the north and Dessau in the south.
The French traffic jam at Wolfsburg has been sorted out, 13 Polish corps have entered the town and are being sorted out ready to move tomorrow.

Move 5 – 1200-1600 2 May 1813
The Prussians have crossed the river Saale and 2 corps is approaching Magdeburg
The French continue their advance towards Magdeburg.

Move 6 – 1600-2000 2 May 1815
The Prussians have crossed the river Saale and are moving west when they sight the French army approaching them from Seehausen.

Move 7 – 1200-1400 3 May 6 May 1813
1 Prussian and 4 French corps fight the battle of Colbitz
2 Prussian and 5 French corps fight the battle of Seehausen

Move 8 – 1400 -1600 3 May 1813
The French win the battle of Colbitz. 4 French corps enters the town. 1 Prussian corps withdraws towards Parey
Battle of Seehausen continues. 2 Prussian and 5 French corps exchange fire. 6 French corps approaches battlefield.


Battle of Colbitz
4 French corps have entered Colbitz and are resting and regrouping
1 Prussian corps have lost their supply base and are retreating to Parey. They will continue to retreat until they reach Parey or receive new orders from the Prussian CinC.

Battle of Seehausen
The battle started at 0800 3 May 1813.
During the morning 2 Prussian and 5 French corps deployed and moved towards each other.
Just after midday 6 French corps entered E6 and moved towards the battle
3 Prussian corps have been ordered to join the battle, and will arrive at the edge of the table at 1600 3 May – start of move 9

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