Friday, October 16, 2009

Battle of Colbitz - Moves 3 - 4


Move 3 - 1000 to 1100 3 May

Move 3 - French side of table

French move first (again)

6 command pips (roll 4+2)

Artillery fire on enemy infantry and score hit

Prussian brigade test, and make, morale

French deploy cavalry on their right

Deploy infantry columns to form battle line

One infantry brigade sent up hill on left

Prussian move second

5 command pips (roll 3+2)

Artillery fire on French column and score hit

French test, and make, morale

Deploy hussars to counter French cavalry

Deploy infantry columns to form battle line


Both sides are deploying to form a battle line before advancing

French cavalry attempt to outflank enemy countered by Prussians

French are sending one brigade onto the hill to outflank Prussian artillery

Move 4 - 1100-1200 3 May

Move 4 - Prussian side of table

French move first (yet again)

7 command pips (roll 5+2)

Artillery fire on same infantry and hit again

Prussian infantry test morale, fail, and rout

Supporting brigades also test, two are shaken

French artillery manhandle forward

French infantry columns start to advance

Brigade on hill now a threat to Prussian artillery

Move 4 - Prussian side of table

Prussian move second
5 command pips (roll 3+2)
Artillery fire on guns, which are now in canister range, scoring hit
French gunners test, and make, morale
Prussian hussars move forward to protect shaken infantry
Prussian infantry deploy to avoid routing infantry
Routed infantry test morale, fail, continue to rout
Shaken infantry test morale, one fail and join rout

1 Prussian corps is on the verge of collapse, with two brigades routing and another shaken. General Yorck orders a retreat while he still can
He still has the hussars, artillery and one infantry brigade to cover the retreat.
4 French corps are not close enough to prevent the Prussian withdrawal

Effect on Campaign
The first battle of the campaign has proved an easy victory for the French.
The loss of Colbitz has exposed the Prussian right flank, and if 1st Prussian corps withdraws east of the river they will leave Magdeburg dangerously exposed.

Game Notes
Game played October 2009.
Paul commanded the Prussians
Jan commanded the French

Prussian casualties – 2 infantry, 0 cavalry, 0 gunners
French casualties – 1 infantry, 0 cavalry, 1 gunner

Campaign Notes
These battle casualties will remain until the corps can reach a supply point and rest for a full 24 hours. They will then be removed and because they are light casualties will have no further effect of the fighting ability of the two corps concerned.

A very happy looking Jan after her easy victory

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