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Campaign Report - Move 5

Campaign map at start of move 6 - 1600 2 May 1813


Move 1 – 0800 1 May 1813

Prussian and French armies reach their concentration areas

Move 2 – 1200 1 May 1813

The Prussian Army nears the river Saale, and 3 corps secure the bridge at Dessau.

The French Army have reached their concentration areas around Helmstedt.

Move 3 – 1600 1 May 1813

3 Prussian corps crossed the river Saale and entered Dessau.

4 and 13 French corps both try to pass through Wolfsburg, causing a traffic jam and a delay of 24 hours to 13 corps.

Move 4 – 0800 2 May 1813

The Prussians have now crossed the river Saale at Parey in the north and Dessau in the south.

The French traffic jam at Wolfsburg has been sorted out, 13 Polish corps have entered the town and are being sorted out ready to move tomorrow.

Move 5 - 1200 2 May 1813

The Prussians have crossed the river Saale and 2 corps is approaching Magdeburg

The French continue their advance towards Magdeburg.


Radical Change of Plan

The campaign is not working as smoothly as I had hoped, and I have decided to reorganise it. The previous campaign diary for 5 May has been removed and the battle of Magdeburg cancelled. This is nothing to do with the players involved, it is because the campaign was organised as a solo campaign and does not work well as a multi player

Reason for change

It has become obvious to me during the first week that the way the campaign is run does not work well as a multi player campaign. There is too much work for the CinC and not enough for the corps commanders. The changes should make the game more interesting for all concerned

Strategic objectives

They remain the same.

The Prussian objective is to destroy the French army. They have secured their first objective, the occupation of Magdeburg and the west bank of the river Saale. They are now in a period or reorganization as they prepare to advance west.

The French objective is to destroy the Prussian army. Their immediate objective is to drive the Prussians back over the river Saale.

Tactical objectives

Each corps will now have a tactical objective, which will always be a named town.

The objective will be allocated by the CinC, but how to achieve it will be down to the corps commander.


The main supply route for both armies is the main road running from A5 to L5.

Each town will be a forward supply base and will support one corps.

The corps does not have to occupy the town, but they can not allow the enemy to come between them and it.

CinC orders

The previous orders of Move, Hold, Attack and Avoid are not to be used in future, except in the wargame.

CinC can now use any wording that they wish. But they must make it clear to their corps commanders which is their forward supply base and whether they want them to advance and attack the enemy or stay on the defensive.

Corps commander orders

They must carry out their CinC orders to the best of their ability. However how they do it is up to them. If they are ordered to hold a town they will decide how best to do it. They do not have to remain in the town, but may prefer to hold a bridge or pass in front.

New positions and CinC orders

French HQ – farm C4

4 French corps – hold Halbeck E2 – supply base Halbeck E2

5 French corps – hold Seehausen E5 – supply base Seehausen E5

6 French corps – hold Groningen E7 – supply base Groningen E7

13 Polish corps – hold Helmstedt B5 – supply base Helmstedt B5

Prussian HQ – farm I6

1 Prussian corps – hold Colbitz H2 – supply base Colbitz H2

2 Prussian corps – hold Magdeburg H5 – supply base Magdeburg H5

3 Prussian corps – hold Calbe H8 – supply base Calbe H8

4 Prussian corps – hold Mockern K5 – supply base Mockern K5

What happens now

At present all corps are on hold orders. 4 Prussian and 13 Polish corps are in fact army reserves.

Prussian CinC must decide whether he wants to remain on the defensive, and if so where does he want his reserve, 4 corps, to be

French CinC must decide how he wants to force the Prussians back over the river Saale. He must decide which of his corps he wants to advance, and where he wants them to advance to.

Corps commanders must decide how best to hold the towns they garrison.


Still one square each day

Only one corps or HQ in each square

Admin and emails

Next orders due on Monday

One email for each order, whether CinC or corps commander, to each addressee

For orders:

Subject: PBEM 4 French corps orders for 6 May

Text: 1 French corps move from F2 to F2

For other than orders;

Subject : PBEM what do we do now

Text: as complicated as you wish

Communications between corps commanders and CinC

Corps commanders may communicate direct with each other to ask for assistance or avoid move congestions, but they must copy their CinC.

CinC may communicate with corps commanders to explain his plans or ask for advice. But this communications must be on a separate email from his orders.


I’m sure you will have plenty. Email to me and I will answer as quickly as possible


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