Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Battle of Seehausen - Move 7

Battle of Seehausen move 7 - 1400 to 1500 3 May 1813

6 French threaten Prussians left flank

6 French move first

Orders - move to Seehausen

5 command points

Move cavalry to threaten Prussian flank

Move artillery and infantry

5 French infantry move to village, cavalry melee

5 French move second

Orders - move to village

7 command points

Fire gun on gun, total 9, miss

Move Infantry brigade to village

Move commander

Move infantry and guns

Dragoons charge Prussian cavalry

Cavalry melee total 6, both sides lose 1 and disordered

2 Prussian withdraw guns and form square

2 Prussian move third
Orders - move to Seehausen
6 command points
Limber guns and withdraw
Infantry brigade form square to cover guns
Infantry Brigade move into village
Move commander towards cavalry

5 French advance to farm and charge enemy cavalry
6 French advance to threaten Prussian flank
2 Prussian withdraw artillery and form square

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