Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rules for Map Movement

Campaign tactical map at start of campaign


These rules are first thoughts only, and will be subject to change during the campaign as problems arise.

The campaign Map

This is the only map which will be used in the campaign.

There are 12 x 9 squares on the map, and each one represents a scenic square 2x2 foot which will be used to make up the wargames table to resolve any battles in the campaign.

The squares are marked A to L across the top and 1 to 9 down the sides. There are 12 named towns and villages. To order your corps around simply give a map reference. For example Magdeburg would be H5

The red lines are main supply routes for both sides. You must keep your own supply open. The yellow lines are minor roads and unimportant.

You will see that each square also has a number. This is for my use when setting up the table and is not used in the campaign.

The maps are pretty basic, and I am sure that you will recognize hills, woods, farms and rivers. The brown blobs are broken ground. Rivers can only be crossed by the bridges shown.

Map Movement

Each CinC and corps can only move one square per move..

CinC can issue orders to any corps within three squares.

Movement can be in any direction and does not have to be along a road.

In the campaign there is no movement penalty for terrain or crossing a river. On the wargames table there are such penalties.

In the campaign only one corps can occupy each square. This will not apply on the wargames table.

Map Markers

On the map you will see 5 blue and 5 red markers as follows:

Red HQ – Headquarters Prussian Army

Red 1 - 1st Prussian corps

Red 2 – 2nd Prussian corps

Red 3 – 3rd Prussian corps

Red 4 – 4th Prussian corps

Blue HQ – Headquarters Second French Army

Blue 4 – 4th French corps

Blue 5 – 5th French corps

Blue 6 – 6th French corps

Blue 13 – 13th Polish corps

Movement Orders

Orders should be sent in each day to arrive by 2200 central European time. The map will be updated and placed on the blog by 2300.

Movement orders must be kept very simple, for example “6 French corps move to B8”, or “2 Prussian corps hold H5”.

The order must always include:

The corps or CinC concerned

The square reference

Move, Hold or Attack

Getting Started

Commanders in Chief (CinC) should issue general orders to each corps commander. These must be specific and simple, for example “move to G2”. The corps commander will continue to move until he arrives at G2 (Halbeck) when he will halt and issue orders “Hold G2” until he receives new orders from his CinC.

Corps commanders will then issue orders each day.

On the first day the French must move into one square between A1 and A9.

On the first day the Prussians must move into one square between L1 and L9

CinC orders

HQ must be within three squares to change corps orders

Any Questions

If you have any questions regarding the rules please send me an email

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