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Battle of Seehausen - Move 11

Battle of Seehausen move 11 - 1800 to 1900 3 May1813

French advance and engage Prussians

6 French move first

Orders – move to Seehausen

8 command points

Change orders to Engage

Guns fire on cavalry, total 9, hit

Prussian cavalry test morale, total 1, shaken

French cavalry move within charge distance of enemy hussars

21 French form column of attack

22 French move into woods

24 French move forward

lucky escape for Prussian hussars

3 Prussian move second

Orders – move to Seehausen

7 command points

French cavalry declare opportunity charge on shaken hussars, total 3, fail

Artillery move into canister range of cavalry and unlimber

Infantry form square to provide support to gunners

Infantry move forward

Shaken hussars test morale, total 3, pass

5 French attack village

5 French move third

Orders – engage enemy in village

5 command points

Guns fire on square, total 7, miss

Reposition commander

Two infantry brigades move forward

17 French charge 7 Prussian in village

Melee total 12, Prussians lose 3 casualties and rout

17 French lose 1 casualty and disordered

Prussian gunners test morale for rout, total 3, pass

Routed French cavalry rout from battle

Marshal Davout meets with 5 French commander

French CinC move fourth

6 command points

Move to 5 French and change orders to Engage

2 Prussian cavalry and infantry rout

2 Prussian move fifth

Orders – hold village

4 command points

Guns fire on infantry, total 7, miss

Move square out of artillery range

Move routing 8 infantry behind cover

Reposition general

7 infantry automatic rout

Cuirassiers automatic rout

Routing 7 infantry, total 5, shaken

Gunners test for rout, total 2, shaken


2 Prussian infantry and cavalry routed

3 Prussian cavalry lose melee and rout, then rallied

5 French storm village and drive 2 Prussians out

6 French move towards 3 Prussians and enter woods

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