Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Battle of Seehausen - Move 8

Battle of Seehausen move 8 - 1500 to 1600 3 May 1813

5 French enter vilage and continue cavalry melee

5 French move first

Orders - engage enemy in village

7 command points

Guns fire on guns, total 4, miss

Infantry move forward

Cavalry continue melee, total 7, draw, each 1 casualty, both disordered

Infantry skirmish in village

17 French, total 5, miss

7 Prussian, total 6, hit

17 French test morale, total 1, Shaken

2 Prussian skirmish in village

2 Prussian move second

Orders - move to Seehausen

5 command points

Move gun and unlimber near square

Move commander into village

Skirmish in village

17 French total 6, hit

7 Prussian total 4, miss

7 Prussian test morale, total 6, pass

6 French move towards Prussians

6 French move third
Orders - move to Seehausen
6 command points
Whole corps move forward

5 French inconclusive cavalry melee and storm village
6 French advance in column of attack to reach Prussians quicker
2 Prussian withdraw to cover of village and form squares

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