Saturday, October 24, 2009

Battle of Seehausen - Move 4

Battle of Seehausen move 4 - 1100 to 1200 3 May 1813

2 Prussian artillery and cavalry deploy either side of village

2 Prussians move first

Orders - move to Seehausen

5 command points

Move cavalry forward to pin enemy cavalry

Move artillery forward and unlimber

Move infantry brigade forward to support guns

5 French advance towards village

5 French move second
Orders - move to village
6 command points
Move cavalry forward to support advance
Guns double move and unlimber
Move infantry forward to protect guns

The Prussians, covered by their cavalry, are approaching the village. They have moved must faster by remaining in column of attack. However they can not fight in this formation. The artillery are now within range of the enemy and unlimber. The Prussians are now well placed to take the village before the French can reach it.

The French have taken trouble to deploy for form line of battle before advancing towards the Prussians. Their objective is to hold Seehausen, so there is no need to take the fight to the enemy. Their cavalry are positioned on the left flank to protect the advance from the Prussian cavalry.

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