Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting Started

Tactical map 1 May 1813

Campaign Background

The background to the campaign is covered in Label 03 Campaign Background, and the opening positions are shown on the strategic map so that you can see what is happening on map of north Germany.

CinC Strategic Orders

I have sent an email to each player containing a starter pack of instructions and a tactical map. A copy of the map is shown above. In that mail I asked each commander in chief to issue strategic orders.

It is up to each CinC to write them as he thinks best. However a few words on what is required might be helpful. The purpose of these orders is to ensure that the corps commanders understand what the CinC strategic objective is. This should be in general terms, such as “the Army will march to Magdeburg and destroy any enemy it meets on the way”.

In addition it should contain specific strategic orders for each corps commanders. For example it might say “4 French corps will move to Seehausen”. This is a small town three days march from Magdeburg. Marshal Reynier, who commands 4 French corps, will have to follow these orders until they are changed, or until the enemy prevent him from doing so. Exactly how he does so will be up to John, who is playing Reynier.

For the first order only, the CinC should confirm where each corps will enter the tactical map. An example of this would be:

“4 French corps will enter the map on A5. They will move to Seehausen E5.”

Only CinC can change orders. To do so he must be within three map squares of the corps commander concerned. The corps commander must follow them to the best of his ability. There is one exception to this rule. If the corps commander feels that it would be too dangerous to follow the CinC orders, he can change them to Halt.

You will find descriptions of each order available to CinC, and what corps commander must do when under each type, on label 09 – Campaign Orders

CinC may now issue their strategic orders.

Movement Orders

Each CinC and corps commander must also issue a Movement Order each day Monday to Friday to reach me by 2200 central European time. I will update the map at that time, and will publish it on the blog.

If any player, including CinC, is unable to issue an order he should notify me before the order is due. For example if you are going to be away for a week, just tell me the dates. I will then ask the appropriate CinC to issue orders for that corps during that period.

The first time that this happens I will send an email to the player concerned, copy to the CinC, to ask what has happened. If I do not receive a reply I will assume that the player no longer wishes to take part in the campaign, and his CinC will take command of that corps until I have found a new player to replace him.

The email containing the movement order should have as the subject “PBEM Campaign – orders for 4 French corps for 2 May”. The text should say “4 French corps move from A5 to B5”. Please try to keep to this procedure. I will be receiving 10 mails each day and I will keep them for 48 hours only. This will help me to update the movement order and locate the appropriate email if there is a problem.

You can issue your first orders for 1 May 1813 as soon as you receive your CinC strategic orders.

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