Friday, October 30, 2009

Battle of Seehausen - Move 10

Battle of Seehausen move 10 - 1700 to 1800 3 May1813

6 French move into woods

6 French move first

Orders – move to Seehausen

5 command points

Man handle gun forward

Move infantry into woods

5 French continue cavalry melee and village skirmish

5 French move second

Orders – engage enemy in village

5 command points

Move general

Village skirmish

17 French, total 7, hit

7 Prussian, total 5, miss

Cavalry melee, total 10, French lose 2 and rout

Prussians have won melee, but lost 4 casualties, automatic rout

Morale test

17 French, roll 5, pass

7 Prussian, roll 3, pass

8 Prussian, roll 2, shaken

2 Prussian continue skirmish for village

2 Prussian move third

Orders – hold village

5 command points

Gun fire on infantry, total 7, miss

Commander move to join shaken landwehr

Morale test

Landwehr, total 0, rout

7 Prussian, total 3, pass

Gunners, total 5, pass

French cinc rides to 5 French to change orders

French CinC move fourth

8 command points

Change orders for 6 corps to Engage

Change orders for 5 corps to Attack

3 Prussian enter woods

3 Prussian move fifth
Orders – move to Seehausen
4 command points
Infantry move to occupy woods
Artillery moves to support hussars

2 Prussian cavalry and landwehr rout
3 Prussian have stopped 6 French advance on centre
5 French lost cavalry melee but enemy rout as well
6 French deploying to meet 3 Prussian advance

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