Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Battle of Seehausen - Move 1

Battle of Seehausen move 1 - 0800 to 0900 3 May 1813

2 Prussian corps start to deploy

2 Prussian move first

Orders - move to Seehausen

5 command points

Move cavalry to cover right flank

Move guns and two infantry forward

Move commander to command range

5 French move second

Orders - move to Halbeck

5 command points

Change orders to engage Prussians

Move cavalry to protect column

Turn leading infantry brigade

Move gun towards Prussians


Prussians. Send cavalry forward to threaten enemy

Move leading infantry and artillery forward.

Commander moves down column to bring forward rear brigades

French. Commander has to use 2 points to change orders to engage Prussians

Send cavalry forward, but in column due to shortage of pips

Move artillery and leading brigade towards enemy

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