Thursday, October 8, 2009

Campaign Report - Move 4

Campaign Map at start of move 5 - 1200 2May 1813


Move 1 – 0800 1 May 1813

Prussian and French armies reach their concentration areas

Move 2 – 1200 1 May 1813

The Prussian Army nears the river Saale, and 3 corps secure the bridge at Dessau.

The French Army have reached their concentration areas around Helmstedt.

Move 3 – 1600 1 May 1813

3 Prussian corps crossed the river Saale and entered Dessau.

4 and 13 French corps both try to pass through Wolfsburg, causing a traffic jam and a delay of 24 hours to 13 corps.

Move 4 – 0800 2 May 1813

The Prussians have now crossed the river Saale at Parey in the north and Dessau in the south.

The French traffic jam at Wolfsburg has been sorted out, 13 Polish corps have entered the town and are being sorted out ready to move tomorrow.

Move 5 - 1200 2 May 1813

The Prussians have crossed the river Saale and 2 corps is approaching Magdeburg

The French continue their advance towards Magdeburg.


Armies in Contact

Both sides are now within four squares of each other. They will not be able to move within three squares whilst on Move orders. CinC must now decide whether they want to move into contact, in which case they will have to change their orders to Engage or Attack.

When to use Hold orders

When CinC orders Hold the corps will remain in that square, and fight to hold it, until the corps commander receives new orders or c

When to use Attack orders

Attack should be issued when your corps is adjacent to the square you wish to attack. It is a dangerous order to give, because in this mode it will attack any enemy who comes within range. It would be wiser to wait until it is in position before you use this order.

Difference between Engage and Attack orders

On the table there is a big difference between Attack and Engage. Engage means at least one brigade must move closer to the enemy each move. They exchange skirmish or musket volley as the player thinks appropriate. It should be used in the early stage of combat, when both sides have good morale and are both capable of putting up a good fight. Attack means that at least one brigade must charge an enemy each move. This will result in a combat where one side will eventually rout. It should be used when you are confident that you can win hand to hand. If you read the rules you will see that in hand to hand fighting a low dice throw by the attacker can result in him losing more casualties and routing than the defender.

What happens if both have Move orders

If both French and Prussian have Move orders they will both halt four squares away from each other. Neither can enter closer than that as they would be in contact, and that is not allowed in the campaign.

Wargame Rules

It is not necessary for any player to have any knowledge of the wargame rules, though it will help you to follow the battle reports if you have some understanding. There is a copy on the campaign blog.

I have been asked for a full copy, which I can now send by email if anyone would like one. I also have a three page summary of the rules, which explains how they work. These are also available by email. If you would like a copy of either, or both, please send me an email.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Getting to the interesting bit now. The French CinC looks to have his corps on a tighter leash than the Prussian one. Looking forward to seeing tonight's moves.
    Also like the campaign notes, very helpful

  2. Hi gerryjd

    I hope that there might be a battle by the weekend. Jan and I will fight the wargames, and it would be good to have the weekend, when the players have a break on Saturday and Sunday, to get it up and running.

    Glad that you find the campaign notes useful. There is a lot going on "behind the scenes" wtih players email me questions, and this is the way that I pass on the information to all the players.

    Given that all ten players have only been involved in the camapign for a week, are unknown to each other and are struggling to learn a new campaign system, I think they have all done extremely well.

    Just hope that they are enjoying it as much as I am.




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