Friday, October 2, 2009

Corps Orders

French CinC issues orders to his corps commanders

Role of CinC

The CinC is responsible for planning their campaign strategy and ensuring that each corps commander is given a strategic objective and a forward supply base. The corps must always remain within 6 squares of his supply base and never allow enemy between him and it.

They will send an email to the umpire each day Monday to Friday containing the the daily orders for each corps commander (see example below). The daily order will confirm their current objective, whether they should hold, move or attack and where their forward supply base is. This will be one of the named towns on the map.

If one of their players is unable to submit his daily movement order, they will do it for them until I can arrange a replacement.

Example of CinC Daily Orders Email

Subject : Move 1 CinC Daily Orders

HQ – move to D5

4 corps – move to H2 (Colbitz). Supply base E2 (Halbeck)

5 corps – attack H5 (Magdeburg). Supply base E5 (Seehausen)

6 corps – hold E8 (Groningen). Supply base E8 (Groningen)

13 corps – move to E5 (Seehausen). Supply base B5 (Helmstedt)

Corps Commanders

They will try their best to carry out the CinC orders, but it is up to them how best to achieve it. If their orders is to hold their supply base (a named town) they do not have to remain in the town, but can decide how best to defend it. They must ensure that they remain within 6 squares of their supply base and that the enemy never come between them and it.

They will send an email each day Monday to Friday to me, with a copy to their CinC, confirming their movement orders for the next 24 hours (see example below)

The role should not require more than half an hour a day to complete

Example of Corps Commander Daily Movement Orders

Subject – Move 1 5 French corps

Text – 5 corps will move from E5 to F5 to attack H5

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