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Campaign Report - Move 3

Campaign Map at start of move 4 - 0800 2 May 1813


Move 1 – 0800 1 May 1813

Prussian and French armies reach their concentration areas

Move 2 – 1200 1 May 1813

The Prussian Army nears the river Saale, and 3 corps secure the bridge at Dessau.

The French Army have reached their concentration areas around Helmstedt.

Move 3 – 1600 1 May 1813

3 Prussian corps crossed the river Saale and entered Dessau.

4 and 13 French corps both try to pass through Wolfsburg, causing a traffic jam and a delay of 24 hours to 13 corps.

Move 4 – 0800 2 May 1813

The Prussians have now crossed the river Saale at Parey in the north and Dessau in the south.

The French traffic jam at Wolfsburg has been sorted out, 13 Polish corps have entered the town and are being sorted out ready to move tomorrow.


Accepting combat

I have had a few mails today asking about combat. I have replied to each direct, but I thought it might be helpful to give a brief summary to all.

Corps can not fight on “Move” or “Halt” orders and will try to avoid enemy. Only CinC can change orders to “Engage”, “Attack” or “Hold”, all of which can fight.

If a corps on “Move” or “Halt” orders is unable to avoid advancing enemy due to terrain obstacles (such as a river) then I will change their orders to “Hold” and they will have to accept battle where they are.

Communications CinC and Corps Commanders

You are quite free to communicate between each other as much as you like. I would suggest that this communication should be “in character”, rather than as player to player. You should copy these to me so that I can monitor what is happening and clarify any points you may raise.

Questions or comments to Umpire

I am quite happy to answer as many questions as you may have, so don’t hesitate to mail me. But please put on the subject “PBEM – (question)”.

Daily Movement Orders

Send to me, copy to CinC

When you send in your daily movement orders only one move per day and only the movement instructions, no questions or comments please.

Please use the following format:

Subject: PBEM 1 French corps orders for 4 May

Text: 1 French corps move from (square) to (square)

CinC Strategic Orders

Send to player, copy to me

Only strategic order, no other message

Please use the following format:

Subject: PBEM French Strategic Orders

Text: 1 French corps will move to Magdeburg

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