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Battle of Seehausen - Move 12

Battle of Seehausen move 12 - 1900 to 2000 3 May 1813

6 French cuirassiers rouit and infantry in woods shaken

6 French move first

Orders – engage Prussians

5 command points

Gunners fire on hussars, total 7, miss

Move 22 infantry to front of woods

Move 21 Infantry to support guns

Reposition commander

Cuirassiers charge enemy hussars, total 9, win

Cuirassiers 1 casualty and disordered

Hussars 2 casualties and shaken

3 Prussian cavalry rout

3 Prussian move second

Orders – hold position

6 command points

Change orders to Hold

Gunners fire canister on cuirassiers, total 9, 1 casualty

Cuirassiers test morale, total -2, rout

French infantry in woods test morale, total 1, shaken

French gunners test morale, total 4, pass

Prussian infantry form column of attack

Move shaken hussars behind infantry

Shaken hussars test morale, total -3, rout

Infantry support test morale, total 6, pass

5 French – General advance

5 French move third

Orders – engage enemy in village

4 command points

Gunners fire on square, total 8, 1 casualty

Square test morale, total 3, pass

Two Infantry brigades advance

17 Infantry occupy village

Prussian gunners have to abandon their guns as too close to village

French CinC

French CinC move fourth

8 command points

No orders necessary

2 Prussian save guns but corps badly shaken

2 Prussian move fifth

Orders – hold village

3 command points

Infantry brigade form column and move to save guns

Move square out of support range

Move commander to rally gunners

Cuirassiers automatic rout

7 Infantry automatic rout

Test morale for gunners, total 2, still shaken

Test morale for shaken landwehr, total 2, still shaken


2 Prussian infantry lost village and corps in disorder

3 Prussian cavalry rout, remainder stand firm

5 French occupy village and prepare to advance

6 French lost cavalry and shaken in woods

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