Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Campaign Rules


These rules are first thoughts only. They will be amended as necessary as the campaign progresses and problems come to light.

Daily Orders

Each day at 2200 central European time I will update the campaign map. If I have not received new orders from a player his corps will not move.

Each player will send me an email with orders for his next move to arrive by 2200 central European time.

Campaign Battles

When two opposing corps come within three three squares of each other each player will have to decide whether he wants to fight a battle or not. If both agree Jan and I will set up a wargame to resolve the battle.

The tactical map consists of squares, each of which is a 2x2 foot scenic board. So players can see exactly what the table will look like.

If a corps is in defence the player can give us detailed instructions on how he wants them to be deployed if he wishes. If not either Jan or I will decide what we think is best.

If a corps is moving into contact they will always arrive on the table in column of march. The player may give us instructions of what order of march he prefers or not. If he does not give any instructions it will always be as follows:

Cavalry brigade

1st infantry brigade


2nd infantry brigade

3rd infantry brigade

4th infantry brigade

We will normally play 2 or 3 moves per day. A battle report will be put on the blog each day, with photographs, so that players can see how the game is going. Players may send instructions if they wish, but they may not arrive in time for the next move.

Marching to the Sound of the Guns

To set up the wargame I use a template which covers nine squares.

All corps within the template are then put on the wargames table in the same square they occupy on the map.

Any corps within one square of the edge of the map will “march to the sound of the guns”, and will arrive on wargame move 4.

Any corps further away will not respond as they would arrive too late to take part.

Daily Movement

On the wargames table three squares represent one days fighting in 12 moves

Therefore on the campaign map three squares will represent one days movement, not one square.

In future one days battle will last 12 hours, from 0800 to 2000.

First square 0800 to 1200 Move 1 to 4

Second square 1201 to 1600 Move 5 to 8

Third square 1601 to 2000 Move 9 to 12

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