Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PBEM 1813 Magdeburg Campaign

This is my first attempt at a PBEM (play by email) campaign. I have played many campaigns both club and solo. However in recent years my campaigning and wargaming has been confined to my wife Jan and myself.

For the past couple of months I have been involved in a fictional 1806 PBEM campaign, and have enjoyed it so much that I thought I would try to open up our campaign to involve other players.

I have not really worked out all of the details, so the first campaign will be a steep learning exercise. There are no special rules for the campaign, and to start with I will just use the framework of my own 1813 Campaign, and in particular the first phase which is also the Magdeburg campaign. As we go along I will amend rules and collate new ones as necessary.

The campaign is ficitional and concerns the opening moves of the Prussian army in early 1813. The Prussian strategy is to capture Hannover. To do so they must first secure the city of Magdeburg on the river Elbe. The French will attempt to stop them moving on Hannover, and if possible drive them back across the Elbe.

I hope that we might be able to complete one move per day. This will involve each player writing orders for his corps and sending it to me by email. I will then update the tactical map and publish it on the blog. Whether we can stick to this timetable will depend on where the players live, as there may be different time zones.

When a battle has to be fought Jan and I will set it up as a wargame. The campaign will have to go on hold until the battle is fought, and I would estimate that this will take 5-7 days. I will publish an update on the battle, with photographs, on the blog each day.

As I type this introduction there are no players yet. I have just posted details on TMP and OSW, plus Campaigns of Napoleon. I am hoping that there will be some interest as a result.

I don't think there has ever been a campaign like this before, certainly I have not heard of one. I am quite excited at the prospect, and just hope others are too.

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