Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Battle of Seehausen - Day Two


Tactical map at start of battle

Campaign background

Battle commenced when 5 French corps were marching away from Seehausen, but spotted 2 Prussian corps approaching from Magdeburg. The French halted and turned to face the enemy.

During 3 May Marshal Davout and 6 French corps joined the battle, as did 3 Prussian corps.

As darkness fell both sides were holding their own, and both knew that more reinforcements were nearby. 13 Polish corps for the French, and Marshal Blucher plus 4 corps for the Prussians.

Both commanders decided to continue the fighting at daybreak. During the evening both sides made slight adjustments to their battle line, and rallied Shaken brigades. The routed cavalry and infantry could not be brought back into action.

table at start of wargame

Wargames Table

The photograph is taken from the south. Seehausen is the town on the left centre. The terrain is flat and open, with small hamlets and farms dotted around the area and a small woods.

Nearest to camera 6 French corps face 3 Prussian corps.

Furthest from camera 5 French corps face 2 Prussian corps. Commander 13 corps can be seen behind the French, and commander 4 corps behind the Prussians

Both sides have been allowed to redeploy on the position they held at nightfall. All casualties from the first day remain, routed brigades have been removed and shaken ones rallied.

Game Setup

Only slight adjustments were allowed during nightfall, so both armies start the second day very close to each other. Reinforcements are due to arrive, and again those who move first will have a big advantage.

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